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An ultra-thin rolling paper with the purest fibers obtained from durably managed forests. A designed booklet and a unique watermark pressed on the paper.

Ultra thin paper 12g/m2

Paper dimensions 36x72mm

Paper originated from durably managed forests

100 papers by booklet

Paper without chlorine, certified TCF (totally chlorine free)  

Arabic gum 100% natural and guaranteed without GMO.

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25.00 CHF tax incl.

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Manufacturing of the rolling paper

GVACITY is the Swiss creation of a high quality, ultra-thin and ecological rolling paper. The fibers used for the manufacturing of the paper are of vegetal origin and chosen with the greatest care. These fibers come exclusively from sources managed in accordance with sustainable development and their selection is based on two major criteria: ecological origin and quality in terms of resistance and thinness. Once the fibers are selected, they are warmed up at a high temperature in order to obtain the fiber at a pure state, containing no other component. At it’s raw state the fiber will appear brownish, and then it will be cleared by a process not using chlorine, which certifies this fiber totally chlorine free (TCF). Once the paste created and pressed, a roller gets around it which give birth to the reel "mother”.

​Good to know: Rolling papers starting at 14g/m2 of thinness are considered ultra-thin and they can reach up to 10 g/m2. However it is regarded that 10 g/m2 papers are considered to thin because it is hard to roll properly with them. Therefore GVA CITY papers offer the right balance with a 12 g/m2 thinness.



Once the reel of paper is formed and unrolled, an engraved cylinder is used to press the paper. The pressing process will create a contrast between the portion of the paper which is pressed and the portion not pressed in order to increase the effect of transparency on the paper. The cylinder is engraved by our brand and logo GVA CITY. Therefore both will be stamped on the paper and guarantee its authenticity.

 Good to know: The watermark has no influence on the combustion of the paper. 



Once the watermark process has ended, a sticky band will be applied on the superior part of the paper. This sticky band is made of Arabic gum which is a 100% natural and vegetal, totally biological and certified without GMO (GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM). The Arabic gum is a sap extracted from the acacia tree in Africa. To be applied on the paper, the Arabic gum must be diluted in water in order to adhere to the paper. Therefore, the quality of the water plays an important role in the quality of the gum.


Interleaving & packing

Once the Arabic gum has dried, a machine is going to fold the paper and then cut it according to the format of the booklet it will integrate. The last stage consists in placing the papers in an unfolded and flat booklet. When the right number of papers are placed in the unfolded booklet, the booklet is built and ready to go.

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